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Visual Studio Code, commonly known as VS code, is a highly customizable open source text editor, developed, and maintained by Microsoft.

Visual Studio Code is built using web technologies such as JavaScript, TypeScript, and CSS. There are also thousands of community created themes and packages available.

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vadimkantorov commented May 7, 2021

I'm making a client-side code editor with rudimentary Git support, and syntax highlighting for diff/patch files would be really nice - a way to view the whole diff in a single window (alternative to existing diffeditor - with similar colors to git diff console coloring), maybe would be useful for others too. asks to create issues in this repo...

kirmanak commented Sep 7, 2018

Describe the bug
The property 'editor' can be undefined (see Screenshots section).

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Start VSCode
  2. Check Breakpoints > Promise Rejects and Breakpoints > Uncaught Exceptions
  3. Start my extension in debug mode (Debugger > Launch client). I believe, that can be r

Created by Microsoft Corporation

Released April 29, 2015

Latest release 7 days ago


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