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bvaughn commented Jul 15, 2020

PR #19108 caused some Suspense-related DevTools regressions (more info available on #19368) which we did not catch because of the fact that DevTools tests are only run against the version of React in master.

We should follow the precedent of the regression fixtures tests and have CI run DevTools tests against multiple

darkowic commented Apr 26, 2021

Describe the bug
When story id starts with settings, the addon panel is frozen/broken/not responding. 🤯

To Reproduce
I reproduced it on newly created CRA with SB. See video above.

To reproduce: just add story id starting with settings

export default {
  title: "
lrstanley commented Apr 14, 2021


Vuetify Version: 2.4.9
Vue Version: 2.6.12
Browsers: Chrome 89.0.4389.128
OS: Windows 10

Steps to reproduce

n/a -- see reproduction link. I am not sure if this used to work, this is the first time implementing direct imports vs including the entire mdi library.

Expected Behavior

mdiSvg icon to be sized correctly compared to the mdi-icon css imp

yjukaku commented Jul 15, 2020

Describe the bug

When using the Swap plugin, it's impossible to cancel a swap once the swap threshold has been met for an item. You can't drag the item back to its original place to prevent a swap. This happens with or without the revertOnSpill: true option.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to
  2. Drag "Item 1" to h
ViggoV commented Nov 21, 2019



Is there any solid documentation for the renderFilteredItems() utility function exported from the select package? It is briefly mentioned under the itemListRenderer props section of the select c

muster-mark commented Apr 8, 2021

This package seems to polyfill window.Promise, regardless of whether window.Promise already exists. This is causing problems as we are using and relying on our own polyfill (bluebird.js), but this is being replaced if I call new EditorJS().

copiali commented Oct 22, 2019
  • components: progress
  • reactstrap version #8.1.1


What is happening?

When value is greater than 100 (or less than 0), width will become greater than 100%(or negative).

What should be happening?

Think we should set the max-width to be 100%. And fallback width to 0 if value is negative.


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