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Anil-matcha commented Jul 31, 2020

Currently I see that videojs support is present for hls via hls.js. But in our case we need to support dash in videojs. Anyway you can suggest the integration to happen ?

I happen to see some videojs-shaka github integrations like below

Can we build a layer on top of these to make videojs work with

jibe-b commented Mar 13, 2018

Logos and pictures could be in the settings file to make the config even easier.

For example, logo is in:

<img src="/logo/openki.png" alt="Openki logo">
<img src="/logo/openki.png" class="kiosk-logo kiosk-logo-openki">

I'll have a look at meteor templates (not done much with meteorjs until now) and may do it.

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