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专注于解决推荐领域与搜索领域的两个核心问题:排序预测(Ranking)和评分预测(Rating). 为相关领域的研发人员提供完整的通用设计与参考实现. 涵盖了70多种排序预测与评分预测算法,是最快最全的Java推荐与搜索引擎.

  • Updated Nov 5, 2020
  • Java
szche commented Jan 14, 2021

Describe the bug
Clicking a file link within the richEditor leads to download of the whole folder.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a new folder and a file inside it
  2. Upload a new file to that folder
  3. Add file link to that file in Readme and click the link in richEditor
  4. The browser will open a new window and download the whole folder zipped
sbrl commented Jul 3, 2017

It would make it easier to share specific parts of longer pages on wikis if we could have a button next to each header that links to that specific heading. Github and Wikipedia already have it - we should be able to have it too!

We have this syntax already:

## Some heading {#Anchor}

the above sets the id of the header to Anchor. We should try not to break this syntax.

cmdalbem commented May 1, 2018

Estamos usando a versão 6.6.5 da biblioteca, mas ela tem uma comunidade super ativa e já está na versão 7.19!
Essa tarefa é pra simplesmente mudar pra usar a versão mais recente, verificando se não quebrou o layout. Opcionalmente podemos estudar as novas features que foram implementadas nesse meio tempo pra ver se alguma é interessante pra nós :)

Github da Sweetalert2:


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